Albina confirms Croatian verse to remain in “Tick-Tock” for Rotterdam

In a recent interview, Croatia’s entry Albina has revealed the Croatian language verse in her song will remain in the version performed at the Eurovision Song Contest this May.

Speaking in an upcoming interview with The Euro Trip podcast, the former Voice Croatia finalist explained how important it was for her team to retain a sense of national identity in their performance.

“That was the decision of me and my team, we think that is the best solution as the audience here chose us with that version of the song.”

The Croatian verse had previously been included in the official music video on the Eurovision YouTube channel.

“That’s kind of a special part of the song…that part kind of, it really gives charm to the song.”

Albina also revealed more about what viewers can expect from her staging in Rotterdam.

Marvin Dietmann recently joined the team as Artistic Director of the Croatian performance, a role he will also fulfil for a number of other nations.

“We are still in a creative process… we are trying to keep the mood of the song the same as it was on Dora.”

“We will change the outfit, but the idea will start pretty much the same.”

Croatia will perform in the second half of the first semi-final on 18th May.

Image Credit: HRT

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