Tusse Almost Didn’t Record Melodifestivalen Winner “Voices”

One of the songwriters behind Tusse’s Melfest single “Voices” has revealed the singer almost didn’t record the song because he was due to take his driving test the very next day.

Speaking on last week’s episode of The Euro Trip podcast, Linnea Deb explained she had to persuade the Swedish Idol winner to travel to Sweden, even offering to cover his transport.

“He was going to take his drivers’ license the day after” she explained.

Linnea then explained what Tusse had told her.

Tusse: “Oh, I’m not sure I can come.”

She then insisted the travel to join herself and the fellow songwriters in Stockholm, where they were in the recording studio.

“So I said, just get here, we have the song.”

“I’m sure whether he got his drivers’ license though.”

Tusse will represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam after winning this year’s Melodifestivalen.

During the final he received maximum points from the Swedish public, while “Voices” is also currently number on in the Swedish music chart.

Image Credit: SVT

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