Cheryl Baker declares Eurovision “much better now” than when she won the contest

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, Eurovision 1981 winner Cheryl Baker has revealed she believes the current contest is a much better event than when she won the contest as part of Bucks Fizz forty years ago.

The group famously gave the UK their fourth Eurovision win, and as the anniversary of their victory approaches, Cheryl has been reflecting on their famous triumph.

When asked what she thinks of the current contest, she spoke fondly of the Eurovision we see today.

“I think it is far better now than it ever used to be. If you look at the Eurovision when we won the venue was pretty big, but not as big as it is now… and the audience was full of what looked like stuffed shirts.”

“It’s fantastic… the atmosphere is phenomenal, and electric and happy. If the only the world was like this.”

Bucks Fizz won the contest when it was held in Dublin, while Cheryl Baker also performed at the 1978 contest in Paris as part of the band Coco.

She went on to recount her various visits to different contests over recent years, and spoke of how much she enjoyed each event.

“I would say that it is better than ever before”

“My dream was to get me, Mike and Jay [fellow members of The Fizz] out to Rotterdam for Eurovision this year, but unfortunately that won’t happen.”

Cheryl, Mike and Jay hope to return to the recording studio in the next few months to begin work on their 40th anniversary album.

Image Credit: ITV

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