Lillasyster decided to enter Melodifestivalen “because of the pandemic”

Speaking on the latest episode of the Melfest Monday podcast, rock band Lillasyster have revealed the Covid-19 pandemic is the reason they decided to enter this year’s Melodifestivalen.

Lead singer Martin Westerstrand told presenter James Rowe that without gigs and tours being cancelled, he wouldn’t have had time to write their entry into this year’s competition “Pretender”.

“We’ve done all the huge festivals… but we hadn’t done this [Melodifestivalen]. We didn’t have any gigs, so I thought I have time and energy to spend on making this happen.”

“You could say it was because of the pandemic, in a way.”

Lillasyster are making their debut in the competition this year, nearly twenty years after the band first formed. They were originally known as Rallypack, before changing their name in 2007.

Martin also explained how he had long dreamt of taking part in Melodifestivalen, with the group making it through to his weekend’s Second Chance round.

“I had the dream for a long time, and I always wanted to do it… me primarily wanted to do it. I had a little idea that someday I’d do it.”

Lillasyster will take on Alvaro Estrella in Saturday’s first duel, with the winner taking their place in the final, due to be held on 13th March.

Image Credit: Sveriges Radio

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