Tess Merkel’s Melfest Entry Originally Written For Another Artist

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip’s Melfest Monday podcast, singer Tess Merkel has revealed her entry “Good Life” was originally written with another artist in mind.

The former Alcazar star revealed it was only after the song had been finished that it was suggested she should sing the track herself.

“I wrote the song… it wasn’t really meant to be me. I was in a period of my life that was a hard time. I started off writing depressive with the lyrics, and then one day I came to the studio and was like, we need a happy anthem.”

Tess Merkel has appeared at Melodifestivalen sixteen times in the past, including numerous occasions as part of Alcazar.

She went on to reveal more about the song, and what viewers can expect when they tune in on Saturday night.

“I promise you will see something you’ve never seen before… I love the show, I love being creative… that’s at my core and in my DNA.”

Tess also told Melfest Monday presenter Rob Lilley that former Swedish Eurovision representative John Lundvik has passed his judgement on the song.

When asked what he thought of “Good Life” she explained…

“He said, oh man, this is just right for you.”

Image Credit: SVT

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