Keiino told NRK they wanted Melodi Grand Prix return in February 2020

Keiino have revealed they spoke to Norway’s Head of Delegation about the prospect of returning to the Eurovision Song Contest as early as last February, less than a year after they’d represented the nation in Tel Aviv.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, Tom Hugo from the band revealed more about the trio’s ambition to return to the contest.

“I remember I told Stig [Karlsen] in February last year, [I said] if we find the song then we will call you. We feel that we have something left undone in the Eurovision circus.”

Tom went on to explain they didn’t necessarily believe their Melodi Grand Prix would happen as soon as 2021, but things changed one they band wrote their entry “Monument”.

“We didn’t know it would come as quickly.”

“We had no special treatment, we had to send in the song and wait for the internal jury to make a decision, we had to wait until October.”

The band also explained that without the pandemic it is unlikely “Monument” would ever have been written, with Tom, Fred and Alexandra feeling their time apart allowed them to think more creatively.

“We got a bit of extra time on our hands when all the tours were cancelled because of the pandemic, so we started writing songs.

“When we first met up we had a burst of creativity… a tiny positive of all these negatives.”

Keiino will perform 11th out of 12 in this Saturday’s final of Melodi Grand Prix.

Image Credit: KEiiNO

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