Go_A “free to go in any direction” with Shum Revamp

Speaking in an exclusive interview on the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, Ukrianian juror Yaroslav Lodygin has revealed Go_A have complete creative freedom to make any changes they feel necessary to their Eurovision 2021 entry.

“Shum” is expected to be reworked before it is performed in Rotterdam, with the song currently longer than EBU rules allow. Speaking to presenter Rob Lilley, Yaroslav explained what we might expect.

“It is going to be shorter, for the rest of the changes I cannot say… I think that the musicians know better than some executives what to do with their song to make it better.”

When asked if there was a chance the song could be performed in English in Rotterdam, he gave this response…

“They are free to go in any direction, and we will support any creative decision they will make.”

Since the introduction of the semifinal round in 2004, Ukraine and Australia are the only countries outside the Big 5 to have qualified for the final of every Eurovision they have competed in.

Yaroslav explained this is a record his country are very proud of, and intend to maintain in 2021.

“The minimum for us is to break into the finals…we hope that Go_A will win, and we as a company will do our utmost to help them to do it.”

As well as a member of the Ukrainian jury, Yaroslav is also on the board of broadcaster UA:PBC. He revealed how they take note of the reaction from fans online when planning for the contest.

“I spend like half an hour of each day watching the reaction videos on YouTube, and discussing them with my colleagues… this chance the reception of the song here in Ukraine.”

Go_A will perform in the first semi-final this year, having been drawn to perform in the second half of the show.

Image Credit: Go_A

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