Daz Sampson Vows to Return to Eurovision if Unsuccessful in 2021

Daz Sampson has vowed to return to Eurovision in 2022 if he is unsuccessful in his bid to represent Belarus this year.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, Daz, who represented the United Kingdom in 2006, has opened up about his ambition to return to the contest.

“I tried to go back in 2007 and we had meetings with the BBC but they thought it was too soon. In 2008 we tried again, we had another meeting.”

Ultimately, Daz has yet to return to Eurovision, adding:

“We had a couple of years out of trying then tried again in 2013.”

In 2019, Daz entered the Belarusian selection for the first time with the song Kinky Boots, but failed to progress past the audition stage.

This year, Daz, alongside Katya Ocean is among roughly 50 other songs in the running to represent Belarus in Rotterdam.

The selection process itself is still yet to be decided.

However, if Daz is not chosen to represent Belarus, he has thrown his hat into the ring for 2022, stating simply:

“Come what may, I’ll be back next year.”

It is unlikely that Daz will represent the United Kingdom again, he himself admitting that:

“It is nigh on impossible for any artist, unless you’re on their [the BBC’s] radar, to get involved. The fundamental selection process is flawed.”

Image Credit: EBU

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