Songwriters Not Permitted To Attend Melodifestivalen Live Shows

The writers of the songs competing in this year’s Melodifestivalen won’t be allowed inside the Annexet, the arena hosting the competition, due to Covid-19 safety procedures.

Andreas Stone Johansson, co-author of Nathalie Brydolf’s semi-final one entry “Fingerprints” told the new Melfest Monday podcast he’ll be forced to watch from home this Saturday.

“Unfortunately I wish I could be there… but I don’t think they [SVT] let anyone in actually. It is strict regulations.”

Andreas is also one of the writers on Raylee’s Melodi Grand Prix entry “Hero” and explained the situation was similar when she performed in her semi-final last month.

“I’m going to be even more nervous, it was was the same with Raylee, we weren’t allowed to be in Norway. I watched here at home with my partner and the admin of my publishing company at his home…you can’t be there, you can’t influence anything.”

Melfest Monday is a new podcast from Eurovoix, brought to you by regular weekly podcast The Euro Trip, and will be available every Monday for the duration of Melodifestivalen 2021.

Guests on this week’s episode include Aftonbladet journalist Tobbe Ek, as well as Melfest 2014 winner Sanna Nielsen.

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