Scenario planning for Eurovision 2021 “all depends on the UK variant”

With the EBU and Eurovision organisers expected to make a decision on how this year’s contest will be staged in the next few weeks, The Euro Trip podcast spoke to a journalist based in Rotterdam to understand the current Covid-19 situation in the city.

Back in September the EBU announced the four scenarios which would be used when planning this year’s competition:

Scenario A: A normal Eurovision Song Contest
Scenario B: Socially distant Eurovision Song Contest – at 1.5 meters
Scenario C: A Eurovision Song Contest with travel restrictions
Scenario D: Eurovision Song Contest in lockdown

The possible scenarios for Eurovision 2021

Now with the deadline for a decision approaching, Sheila Kamerman, a journalist based in the city for newspaper NRC has given her thoughts on what sort of contest we should expect.

Speaking to the podcast she said a number of options were still on the table.

“It depends on the UK [coronavirus] variant, and how we will be able to stop it, and the measures that will be taken at that time. It won’t be Eurovision like it should be, people coming, lots of crowds, people standing next to each other. Because it is in May… they [the Dutch authorities] expect to finish vaccinating the people who want to be vaccinated at the end of the summer.”

Having lived and worked in Rotterdam for many years, Sheila also revealed how frustrated contest officials and residents were that the city wouldn’t be able to welcome tourists as expected.

“There is a lot of disappointment. It isn’t Amsterdam, everybody knows Amsterdam, Rotterdam is as big, more or less, but they really wanted to get more people to come, and see. It is a special city…it is beautiful.”

Despite this Sheila is also hopeful that the contest will still offer a chance to celebrate after a difficult year for her country.

“I hope… a lot of people in Holland hope it will be at least a bit like the Eurovision should be.”

Image Credit: ASM Global

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