ERT Intends To Hold Greek National Selection in 2022

Greece is set to hold a national selection for Eurovision in 2022 according to Eurovision Fun.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, Giannis Argyriou from Greek news site Eurovision Fun has said that the broadcaster’s intentions are to hold a national final for the 2022 contest. Giannis explained that:

“ERT’s intentions for next year are to have a national final. This is something a lot of people in Greece have wanted for several years.”

“A lot of artists have expressed their desire to participate in a national final for Eurovision.”

When asked more about the process that ERT intends to use, Giannis added:

“The truth is ERT wanted to a national final this year for the selection of Stefania’s song but the pandemic made it difficult.”

ERT has not held a national selection to choose its artist for Eurovision since 2015, each year since instead choosing the artist and song internally. A televised selection process was also held in 2017 to select Demy’s entry for Kyiv, Ukraine.

Greece is set to be represented by Stefania at Eurovision 2021 with the song Last Dance. The song is due to be revealed to the public in March.

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